Access to our faculty is at the core of the PCU-WHS experience. As both leaders and professionals in their field, our faculty challenge learners to go above and beyond by confronting assumptions, posing new questions, and creating alternative solutions and strategies. By combining practical theory and research in a professional setting, our faculty equip students to become global thought leaders that directly contribute to the advancement of individuals with disabilities, communities, organizations, and society as a whole.

As scholar practitioners, our faculty are passionate lifelong learners who possess:
– a shared responsibility and goal to improve the greater societal impact of return to work outcomes
– a curiosity and drive to create innovative solutions to pressing issues in their field
– a commitment towards continued involvement in their careers as they research, learn, teach, and grow

Through this integrative approach our students can be assured that they are well prepared to immediately apply, inform, and elevate their capacity and skill set within the field of disability management and return to work.

Adjunct Faculty

Tyler Amell
Kara Arnold
Herbert Biggs
Terry Bogyo
Patricia Boucher
Bryce Casavant
Shelly Dauphinee
Viraj Desai
Daryl Gauthier
Craig Gosse
Kathy Hatchard
Heather MacDonald
Donal McAnaney
Ed Montigny
Lorne Sulsky
Emile Tompa
Amin Yazdani

Sessional Faculty

Tara Beaton
Rose Campbell
Samuel Cervantes
Deborah Clarke
Teresa Couto
Trish Foy
Gillian Gibbs-Gray
Manjit Grewal
Monica Herrera
Evan Hoffman
Sanzana Hossain
Eva Kolodziejski
Paulette Langdon
Anne Sophie Marsolais
Waqar Mughal
Maureen Parkinson
Georgia Pomaki
Susan Postill
Tara Reilly
Anne Rosken
Ashley Schmidt
Nayab Sultan
Vidhi Thakkar
Carmine Tiano
Evie Varos