Mission Statement

The University is a statutory not-for-profit post-secondary degree granting education and research institution for the special purpose of creating and disseminating new knowledge including applied research in the fields of workplace safety, health promotion, return to work and disability management, comprehensive rehabilitation and disability leadership studies. It is committed to excellence in teaching and research, scholarship, and service to the broader community.

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PCU-WHS receives the Education Quality Assurance (EQA) designation in British Columbia.




What is Disability Management
and Return to Work

  • Collaboration with many parties
  • Implementing processes
  • Communication and problem-solving
  • Understanding legislation

Why Study at PCU-WHS

  • Small class sizes
  • High quality online learning
  • Specialized curriculum, career focused
  • Dedicated faculty and staff

Career Opportunities

There is currently a shortage of qualified professionals in the field of Disability Management and Return to Work. As a graduate, you will have endless opportunities.




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