Why Study at PCU-WHS

A Modern Approach


• Small online class sizes, instructor-led by experts in the field
• Faculty are passionate about teaching and student success

“The professor was very involved and encouraged discussions.”
– Comment from student

• Programs have the right blend of skills and knowledge employers seek
• Courses developed in collaboration with industry experts ensuring knowledge and skills are current   and relevant

“I like the student exchanges, the opportunity to network and learn from different perspectives and
fields, and the flexibility of online learning”
– Comment from student

Learning online at PCU-WHS allows you to benefit from:
• 24 hour course access
• Greater flexibility in managing your time
• Additional time to reflect before responding to discussions and other activities
• History of successful online course delivery

“The applied bachelor qualification offered by PCU-WHS is the first of its kind nationally and internationally. If focuses on the cores competencies required to help workplaces develop a culture of accommodation and successfully maintain employment for workers who acquire a mental or physical health impairment.”
– Wolfgang Zimmermann, President, PCU-WHS


Further details regarding all programs offered at PCU-WHS can be found at: