The Pacific Coast University for Workplace Health Sciences (PCU-WHS) provides education online and offers blended learning opportunities.  PCU-WHS is a non-profit, special-purpose university headquartered in Port Alberni, British Columbia, and established through an act of the provincial legislature. Pacific Coast University for Workplace Health Sciences is a statutory degree granting education and research institution for the special purpose of creating and disseminating new knowledge including applied research in the fields of return to work and disability management, workplace safety, health promotion, comprehensive rehabilitation and disability leadership studies

Come study and learn with the world’s leading thinker’s as we seek to promote scholarly excellence in the field of workplace health science through teaching and research and pass onto students a diverse education perspective to meet humanity’s ever –evolving social challenges related to the workplace environment. We aspire to foster each member of our community the inspiration and passion to revolutionize the field of workplace health, reshaping our understanding an awareness of disability management for the betterment of a global society.

We invite you to study and do research with us on the conditions and means through which the health and safety, work capacity and well-being of people in the workplace are enhanced, maintained, supported or diminished.

We offer a unique integrated academic curriculum that includes input from business, industry, labour and government both nationally and internationally. It is truly an interdisciplinary approach to the study of contemporary issues in workplace health science through an applied focus in the fields of disability management, occupational health and safety, wellness promotion, human resources management, and vocational rehabilitation, among others. As such we offer a range of unparalleled interdisciplinary and research –focused programs with direct application to today’s workforce setting.

The programs currently being offered are:
Bachelor of Disability Management (BDM)
Advanced Certificate in Return to Work (ACRTW)

Also available at PCU-WHS:
University Studies Education
Continuing Professional Education

For information regarding the admission process and to download the registration form, please click here.

Planning for a Postgraduate Diploma in Disability Management and a Bachelor of Occupational Health and Safety is in process.

Programs are delivered with online technologies that allow adult learners with multiple commitments to carry out most study activities in their home location at the time, place and pace that best suits their needs.
PCU-WHS has agreements with a number of Universities including:
• Vancouver Island University (VIU), BC
• North Island College (NIC), BC
• Cornell University, New York, USA
• Bonn Rhine Sieg University of Applied Sciences, Hennef, Germany
• DGUV Akademie, Bad Hersfeld, Germany
For further information about admission, please refer to the Admissions page or email Admission Inquiries to: