Online Learning

The Pacific Coast University for Workplace Health Sciences (PCU-WHS) uses a distributed learning format and online technologies to enable students to complete most of their course work at a time and place that is most convenient for them, and to schedule the number of courses per semester that works best for them.

Subject to demand, the University can offer on campus courses in the summer months in a compact, intensive, full-day format.

The learning management system utilized by PCU-WHS is Moodle. This is an educational software platform that is the focal point for learning activities used by the University.

The learning frame for a course will generally include a manual and text, or a book of readings and, in some cases, samples and examples, audio and video. Throughout each course, students are expected to participate in online discussion forums that are based on scenarios, case studies, issues or questions. Written contributions can be posted at any time while the discussion forum is open. Each course has at least one short, medium and longer assignment as well occasional quizzes. From time to time, students will be asked to participate in real-time, web-based audio conferences with their instructor and other students.

The duration of a course depends on its credit value and the option to complete the bachelor program in a full-time two-year format, or in a part-time four-year format. For details, please refer to the following webpage:

Students are expected to provide their own hardware, internet connection, internet browser and word processing software. Once admitted to the University, students requiring assistance in finding and installing publicly available software, should contact Student Services at: