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In the past, little thought was given to the full impact of a disabling injury or illness – the social, psychological and economic reality faced by the worker with a disability or injury and the potential costs to workers, employers and society. However, in a changing global marketplace, employers have become increasingly aware of the importance of people as a resource, the overall cost of losing trained and experienced staff, and the increasing cost of disability when consensus-based, workplace disability management programs are not available.

There are two streams of continuing education courses providing the essential skills and competencies required by disability management / return to work practitioners:
Disability Management Practitioner Certificate Program
Special topic and advanced courses

The courses in the Disability Management Practitioner Certificate Program may be taken independently or as a complete 25-course program. These courses emphasize the skills and knowledge required to return to work individuals who have incurred injuries or illnesses and provide an introduction to the competencies that are required to introduce and administer disability management programs.

Those students wishing to obtain the Certificate or Completion for the entire program and who have previous education in a particular course subject area may apply to obtain an exemption or prior learning assessment credit. For further details, please refer to the Continuing Education Guide.

Special and advanced courses are available on a variety of topic areas and as independent educational opportunities to explore specific related topics in more depth.

The Special and Advanced Modules cover a range of topics in the field of workplace health and safety, human resources and labour-management relations. They will be useful to those who are involved in returning workers who have incurred injuries and illnesses to jobs, as well as to those working in associated fields. You do not need to be a disability management practitioner to enroll in, or benefit from, these workshops.

While the Disability Management Practitioner Certificate Program covers the breadth of skills and knowledge required by disability management and return to work practitioners, the Special and Advanced Modules provide an opportunity to explore related topics or specific topics in more depth.

Each course is led by an instructor with expertise in the topic area. Materials include manuals and readings; examples and samples of forms, reports and documentation; discussion exercises; assignments and quizzes; and in some cases other media components. Depending on the length of the course, there may be more than one assignment that is submitted to the instructor for marking.

Instructors have expertise in specific topic areas and most instructors continue to practice as well as teach in the area of disability management / return to work. They come from a variety of backgrounds and are located across Canada and several international countries, providing not only a national but an international perspective to these critical topic areas.

Courses are delivered with online technologies that allow adult learners with multiple commitments to carry out most study activities at a time and place that best suits their needs.

Since first offering the courses in 1995, students have gone on to establish successful programs in countless workplaces, giving practical effect to the overall program mission of reducing the human, social and financial costs of disability to the workplace.

Registration is available directly through the University’s website as follows:

  • For New Applicants who do not have a PCU-WHS student ID number, please click on the link provided below as a new applicant:
  • For current students who already have a PCU-WHS student ID number, please log in through the “My PCU-WHS” in order to register and log in to courses.
  • To register for new courses, once a student has a PCU-WHS student ID number and has logged in to their “My PCU-WHS” homepage, please click on the “Add Registration” link at the bottom of the webpage.

The deadline to enroll in courses is 12:00 noon Pacific Time on the Thursday prior to each course start date.

For further details, please contact Student Services at

PCU-WHS Continuing Education Guide 2020-2021

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