DMCS 450 Employer Return-to-Work Obligations Under Bill 41 Changes to the BC Workers Compensation Act

The Government of British Columbia has recently enacted amendments to the workers’
compensation legislation aimed at providing greater clarity and reinforcement of the
obligations placed upon organizations in facilitating return to work (RTW) for employees
who have sustained mental or physical injuries or illnesses resulting from workplace
activities. The Workers Compensation Amendment Act (No. 2), which was ratified in
November 2022, is slated to come into effect on January 1, 2024. This legislation
introduces two new obligations for both workers and employers: the duty to collaborate
and the duty to sustain the employment of an injured worker.

The primary objective of this module is to offer guidance to organizations in British
Columbia to prepare for the imminent changes to the British Columbia Workers
Compensation Act. These amendments are poised to have a significant impact on
professionals specializing in disability management, potentially necessitating adjustments
to the employer’s return-to-work processes and the provision of information to injured
workers. The learning objectives for this module include:

  • Describe the new requirements under the BC Workers Compensation Act.
  •  Understand the principles of the duty to cooperate and the duty to maintain
    employment so that they can prepare to apply these within their own organization.
  •  Explain jurisprudence related to the duty to accommodate and undue hardship and
    how the new BC amendments fit within the existing legal framework.
  •  Identify areas of policy, procedure, and process within their own organization that
    relate to the new amendments.
  • Relate the amendments to the wider Canadian context related to disability
    management, return to work, and occupational insurance—particularly when an
    organization has operations in more than one province.

Availability: April 22-28 2024, June 17-23, 2024

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