Kathy Hatchard

Kathy Hatchard, MRSc, has been involved in the development and delivery of the Case Management and Service Coordination courses at Pacific Coast University for Workplace Health Sciences over the past four years. She has worked as a case manager addressing return to function, maintenance of work, ergonomic assessment and implementation, and return to work. Teaching experiences have provided the opportunity to interact on several levels in relation to these challenges. These include vocational rehabilitation professionals within workshop settings, occupational therapy students at UBC in an online format and peer support workers engaged in supported employment settings. Her approach to teaching relevant concepts is that of addressing these foundations, accentuated by the narrative within the complexity, and skill building through developing a vision of these lived experiences.

Kathy Hatchard is a registered occupational therapist with over thirty years experience encompassing both public and private sector venues. She has a BSc in Occupational Therapy from Western University and a post-professional Master of Rehabilitation Science degree from the University of British Columbia. She has published articles within the vocational rehabilitation literature and in ‘Occupational Therapy in Mental Health’, ‘OT Now’ and ‘Open Minds Quarterly’. Her research focus has been on the experiences of individuals with mental health challenges in the workplace, specifically returning to and sustaining work. Her key areas of expertise relevant to disability management include case management for return to work, qualitative research on the experience of self-direction of RTW, functional cognitive assessment and cognitive demands analysis, and workplace wellness.