Kathy Hatchard


Kathy Hatchard, B.Sc.OT, M.RSc, OT Reg BC.

Kathy’s career has spanned over thirty years as both a registered occupational therapist with involvements in the public sector and as a rehabilitation/RTW consultant working in varied private practice roles. This has provided a multifaceted viewpoint of both the barriers and the strategies to engagement for individuals facing challenges.

Kathy completed a BSc.in OT from Western University and, following twenty years of practice, a Post Professional Master’s of Rehabilitation Science degree (UBC). The latter focused on vocational rehabilitation, return to work and inherent partnerships. This interest area stemmed from observations of the ever-expanding stakeholder mix required for successful RTW and the inherent need to speak a common worker-centered language.

A commitment to mental health promotion and the influence of meaningful work has been consistent throughout these varied involvements. This has precipitated publications in interdisciplinary work focused literature as well as occupational therapy and mental health recovery related literature.

Kathy has worked as a case manager addressing return to function, maintenance of work, ergonomics and return to work. Her approach to teaching relevant concepts is that of addressing these foundations while exploring the narrative and lived experiences within the complexity.

Kathy has contributed to the growth and development of PCU-WHS as an adjunct faculty member including involvement in developing and instructing courses within the Bachelor of Disability Management and Continuing Education programs. Areas of focus have included case management and broad topics in mental health including workplace responses to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Related publications include:

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