Tara Reilly

Tara Reilly, PhD, is a graduate of Dalhousie University, with an honours and Masters of Science in Biomechanics/Occupational Ergonomics. Tara completed her PhD at the University of Portsmouth, UK in the area of Occupational Physiology. Tara’s PhD and her responsibilities as Scientific Officer with the Canadian Armed Forces are focused on physical employment standard development for various occupations and the Canadian Armed Forces, specifically the Canadian Army. Tara is a co-chair of the defence women’s advisory organization, the chair of the NATO RTG HFM 269: Combat Integration: Implications for Physical Employment Standards. Tara was also the chair of the scientific committee for the upcoming 5th International Congress on Soldier’s Physical Performance (2020, Quebec City). Tara currently works with the Human Performance Research and Development team within the Department of Fitness at Canadian Forces Morale and Welfare Services, and fields questions within the CAF with regard to combat integration relevant to the domain of “physical capabilities”. She is currently developing a longitudinal injury surveillance protocol to identify gender specific intrinsic and risk factors and their relationships between specific components of fitness for the CAF.