Administrative Policies

This page contains the policies and procedures approved by the Board of Governors of Pacific Coast University for Workplace Health Sciences to guide the University in its academic, research and business activities.

The Board of Governors has overall responsibility for the operation of the university. It develops and approves policies in consultation with the university’s administration and Academic Council.

Board policies apply to the entire university community.

Each policy identifies an individual who is accountable for its implementation and who is available to answer related questions.

The Official Record of Board policies are maintained by the Office of the Registrar.

These online documents are provided as an easily accessible reference for the university community; however, since board policies are updated from time-to-time, the policies on this webpage may not reflect the most current version.

Questions about academic policies or to confirm the most recent version of a policy should be directed to the Office of the Registrar.

Contact Info:
Phone: 778-421-0821 ext 209

Academic and Corporate Seals
Academic and Professional Credentials
Academic Staff Performance Review
Adjunct Faculty
Annual Budget
Code of Conduct
Communications and Marketing
Computer Usage
Conflict of Interest
Contract Services
Dispute Resolution
Employee Appointments
Faculty Professional Development
Faculty Teaching Loads
Granting of Honorary Degrees
Granting Lifetime Achievement Award
Health, Safety and Emergency Procedures
Institutional Evaluation
Prevention of Harassment and Discrimination
Program Reviews
Scholarly Activity
Sexual Violence and Misconduct
Signing Authority
Spending Authority
Tuition and Other Fees