Reflective Essay Assessment Criteria

Special Federal Initiative – Scholarship Opportunity for Canadian Residents

The reflective essay will be assessed on the following criteria:

  • Mechanics & Style: This is the extent to which the essay is well formed in terms of spelling, punctuation, syntax, paragraphing and the use of bullets or headers to signpost the content.
  • Coherence & Logic: This is the extent to which the text follows a logical sequence in the presentation of key points, the transition between concepts is smooth and the use of conjunctions and transitional words is effective.
  • Reflexivity: This refers to the extent to which a person is able to examine his or her own current context and motives, understand how these influence the decision to pursue a career in disability management, the potential challenges that need to be addressed to be successful and the assets which the person possesses to face these challenges.
  • Evidence that resources have been consulted: The clearest evidence that a resource has been consulted is an explicit reference to it in the text. Reference formats can include APA formats, footnotes or endnotes. The best use of resources is to support a key point or idea that is integral to the overall text.
  • Persuasive Rationale: Given that the Scholarship aims to prepare participants to progress to a career in disability management either through professional certification or post-graduate studies, the extent to which the arguments put forward are credible, substantive and convincing is also rated by reviewers.