Course Participation Requirements

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Online Learning

The Bachelor of Disability Management (BDM) courses are delivered online on trimester basis for both the Full-Time Program and the Part-Time Program.

Students require a computer, an Internet connection (high-speed Internet is recommended), and Internet browser software to participate in the courses. Ideally, students will have a computer with a sound card and speakers to listen to course videos and audio. All courses require a word processing application such as Microsoft Word. Individual courses may have additional software requirements. Technical assistance is available for all courses.

The Bachelor of Disability Management (BDM) courses are taught by professors with expertise in specialized topic areas. Most professors continue to practice as well as teach in their respective fields. Courses are professor-led, group-based, and structured around weekly sessions.

Three-credit courses usually last for 12 weeks in the Full-Time Program and 6 weeks in the Part-Time Program. In most courses, students are given the first part of the week to finish the required readings. The last half of the week is often dedicated to online discussion exercises or the completion of an assignment. A similar organization applies to the Part-Time Program, except that the overall timeframe of the course is compressed into 6 weeks such that 2 weeks in the Full-Time Program is equivalent to 1 week in the Part- Time Program.

Students enrolled in the Full-Time Program are expected to spend about 8 hours per week on each course, including approximately 4 hours on the required readings and 4 hours on either a discussion exercise or  assignment.

Students enrolled in the Part-Time Program are expected to spend 16 hours per week on each course, including approximately 8 hours on the required reading and 8 hours on either discussion exercise or assignment.

For both the Full- Time and the Part-Time Programs, final assignments are due 1 or 2 weeks after the end of the course.

Please note that this is a general guide and that these times may vary depending on the student, the course, and the session.

Students are provided with course materials online that generally include a study guide, a selection of readings, supplemental related resources and web links, sample documents, audio files, web-based videos, and access to a comprehensive online library with specialized journals.

Professors lead student participation in online forums focused on problem-based scenarios, case studies, and issues. In certain courses, students participate in real-time web-based video conferences with their professor and other students.

PCU-WHS uses Moodle, a common and secure educational software platform conducive to online social learning.

Most course resources are accessed on the course website. However, some courses require students to also purchase a textbook.

For further information and clarification, please contact:
KD Thakor
Association Director of Admissions, Student Services & Alumni Relations
Pacific Coast University for Workplace Health Sciences