How to Apply

There are distinct requirements and pathways for admission for each program at PCU-WHS. Admission pathways include General admission, Advanced admission, and Flexible admission. Please see admissions.

Admission decisions are made on a first-applied, first-admitted basis for qualified applicants, using the date by which applicants have met all of the admissions requirements.

Upon application to the University, students are required to pay a $100 non-refundable application fee.

An additional PLAR assessment fee of $400 will apply for Flexible admissions.

International students

  • International students follow the same steps below for application to PCU-WHS.
  • You are required to provide a certified evaluation of the equivalency of your credentials in Canada.
  • You must provide evidence of English proficiency if your first language is not English. International Students – Pacific Coast University (
  • Transcripts that are not in English must be translated by the issuing institution or a certified translator. Exception: Canadian transcripts in French do not require translation.

All prospective students must apply through MY PCU-WHS, found on the University’s website:

  •  New Applicants who do not have a PCU-WHS student ID number, please click here to apply:
  • For individuals who already have a PCU-WHS student ID number:
  1.  Sign in to My PCU-WHS.
  2.  Click on Applications, found in the column on the left.
  3.  Click on the blue button + New Application.
  4.  From here, select the Program to which you would like to apply.
  5.  Select Admission Type.
  6. Complete all steps of application, and Submit.
  7.  Pay the application fee.

Flexible admissions: After your application is received, you will be invited to meet with the PLAR coordinator to determine if PLAR assessment should proceed. You will only be charged for a PLAR assessment when you agree to proceed with the assessment.