Transfer Credits

The University recognizes the academic knowledge and achievement of students who have undertaken post-secondary studies at other colleges, institutes, or universities. Courses or programs taken at other recognized post-secondary institutions will be considered through block or transfer credit processes.

Students who seek transfer credit must provide an official transcript from each institution at which courses were taken. If an articulation agreement does not already exist for the course(s) or program, it is the student’s responsibility to provide detailed course information as needed to evaluate courses. For documents that are not in English, a translation by a certified translator is required.

Credit may be given in one of the following ways:

  • Assigned Credit means credit given for a specific University course when a course or courses are recognized as equivalent.
  • Unassigned Credit means credit given when a course or program is considered worthy of credit at the University but is not equivalent to a specific University course.

In order to maximize the student’s ability to meet program requirements whenever possible, credit will be granted for specific courses rather than unassigned credit.

The PCU-WHS official transcript will indicate the transferable courses and the number of credits for which transfer credit is granted. Credits will be calculated based on a normal 3 credits per 1 trimester course from a university, college or institute. Courses that do not conform with the 3 credit per 1 trimester system will be evaluated on a case by case basis.

Recognition by the University of studies completed at a previous institution does not imply, or in any way guarantee, that the transfer credits will be recognized by a third institution.

Students who have completed the 25 modules in the Online Return to Work Coordinator Program or the 25 modules in the Disability Management Practitioner Certificate Program within 3 years or who have current CDMP or CRTWC Certification will be granted block transfer credit for the following specific courses:

  • WHDM 105 Disability and Management & Return to Work
  • WHDM 215 Human Resources and Organizational Development
  • WHDM 309: Job Analysis, Assessment Reports, and Accommodation Technology
  • WHDM 318 Workplace Management and Communication Skills

A credit assessment of 60 transfer or PLAR credits upon admission will permit Admission Directly into Year 3 of the BDM program (Advanced Standing, or 2+2 program).