BC Workplaces Supported with DM and RTW Continuing Education

Free access to Continuing Education courses in Disability Management and Return to Work is being offered through the Pacific Coast University for Workplace Health Sciences (PCU-WHS) – see website at:

This opportunity is designed to encourage employers to support their staff whose responsibilities include disability management, return to work, human resources, health and safety, health promotion, or for staff who may be pursuing moving into areas linked to hiring, supervising or playing a role in stay at work, return to work, and accommodations, in acquiring a range of program and practice knowledge in this area.

The goal is to upskill individuals through various levels of training, depending upon each individual’s educational background, work experience and responsibilities within their workplace, which will determine the number of modules they will require.

This program delivery is designed to
• build basic Disability Management / Return to Work program, policy, and practice knowledge for managers and supervisors;
• provide foundational knowledge for others whose responsibilities include Disability Management and Return to Work, such as human resources and labour relations professionals, who are often the first point of contact for individuals who acquire a mental or physical health impairment (80% of all impairments occur during a person’s working life); and
• provide the development of dedicated accommodation expertise.

Research has shown that workplace staff who have the knowledge and skills to implement and administer accommodation policies, practices, and procedures, also support employers in the development and implementation of successful return to work accommodations for current employees who are off with health impairments, and are open to and successful in, hiring persons with disabilities from outside the organization.

To download an Application Form in order to apply for Continuing Education, please click the following link: WDA Grant Continuing Education Application Form

For further details on this opportunity, please contact Heather Persons at: heather.persons@pcu-whs.ca

Funding provided by the Government of Canada through the Canada-British Columbia Workforce Development Agreement.