Academic Workplace Health Advisory Board

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic across Canada and around the world has created unprecedented challenges for individuals, organizations and societies. It has disrupted professional and personal lives of many individuals, often creating economic hardship while in untold cases challenging individuals’ ability to successfully cope. COVID-19 has exacerbated what had already become a rapidly increasing wave of mental health challenges and impairments arising from a myriad number of factors including, but not limited to, dramatic expansion of the ‘gig’ economy, reorganization of workplace structures, and the need to accommodate many personal challenges such as the “sandwich generation” who are trying to adjust.

PCU-WHS, through its various education, research and professional development initiatives has tried to be at the forefront of supporting individuals and workplaces with the development of innovative strategies, policies and practices designed to facilitate more effective accommodations for individuals struggling with mental health impairments, which are often combined with physical health challenges and demanding personal circumstances.

In order to maintain a leading edge, innovation, thought-leadership and best practice agenda, the University has been most fortunate and is grateful for the committed dedication and support of many individuals across Canada and around the world who share its vision of much improved workplace health outcomes, both on the primary prevention level, but also on the return to work side following onset of a disabling mental or physical health impairment.

With this in mind, we are very pleased that the following individuals agreed to join our newly established Academic Workplace Health Advisory Board:

Prof. Dr. Lorne Sulsky, PhD – Chair
Lani deHek, RN, CDMP, Manager, Occupational Health & Safety/Disability Management, BC Nurses Union, Vancouver, BC
Evie DoCouto, MBA, PMP  – Fr. Vice-President, Return-to-Work Division, Workplace Safety and Insurance Board, Toronto, ON
Dr. Parminder Ghura, MD, Consulting Occupational Health Physician, Toronto, ON
Dr. Craig Gosse, MD, Chief Occupational Psychiatry, Homewood Health, Halifax, NS
Dr. Donal McAnaney, PhD, Adjunct Faculty, Pacific Coast University for Workplace Health Sciences, Dublin, Ireland
Dr. Georgia Pomaki, PhD, Leader Mental Health Specialists, Wellness, Disability and Life, Manulife Financial, Vancouver, BC