Will I be able to get a job after completing a program or significant number of modules?

PCU-WHS does not have a career center so it is recommended that you search online for websites with information on how to carry out a job search.  A job search is obviously going to be impacted by the number of jobs available in your region and the requirements of the jobs that are being offered.  If you are new to the field, as you are completing your modules, begin to watch the job boards so that when you are ready, you will have already gained some insights into who is hiring and what is available in terms of jobs.

It may make sense to send an application in, even if you do not have all of the qualifications being asked for.

It might also make sense to send your resume in to potential employers even when they don’t have advertisements for job openings.  There are several types of organizations that hire disability management practitioners:

  • Insurers who provide DM/RTW services as part of getting people back to work and cutting down on their time on disability—e.g., workers’ compensation organizations, private disability insurance providers, auto insurers
  • Third party providers who contract with other organizations and companies and carry out a range of functions including claims management and return to work. You should be able to find some names through an online search with terms such as “third party providers and disability management” or “rehabilitation providers and return to work.”
  • Organizations with their own disability management departments—these are usually larger organizations.