What topics do PCU-WHS Continuing Education courses cover?

Courses cover a range of subjects in the area of workplace health, with an emphasis on how to apply skills and knowledge in the workplace and deal with opportunities and challenges at an individual, organizational and regulatory level.  Topics as diverse as managing the return to work process, the role of human resources, strategic and operational planning, marketing and education, human rights, assessment, and assistive technology are examined. Health, disability, safety and wellness are viewed against a backdrop that includes legislation, economics, cultural values and family and immediate social circles—a biopsychosocial perspective.  The 25-module Disability Management Practitioner Program explores all aspects of returning workers with disabilities to a job or maintaining them at work through accommodations while they are healing.  The Effective Workplace Responses to Mental Health Certificate examines a range of mental health conditions and topics including stress and anxiety and substance abuse, as well modules that focus on communication with workers and other stakeholders and the organizational response. The special and advanced courses allow participants to take a deep dive into conditions that may result in temporary or permanent disability such as upper body injuries, cancer and chronic and episodic conditions. Other special and advanced modules deal with the organizational aspects of workplace health such as identifying and responding to change.