What is the WDA Grant Scholarship

  • This Scholarship program is made possible through funding to the National Institute of Disability Management and Research ( NIDMAR) provided by the Government of Canada through the Canada- British Columbia Workforce Development Agreement.
  • Candidates may apply for the Scholarship to the Bachelor of Disability Management ( BDM) for either the Full-Time BDM Program or the Part-Time BDM Program.
  • Each successful candidate will be entitled to $6,500 annually for each of two years for the Full-Time BDM Program, or $3,250 annually for each of four years for the Part-Time BDM Program, to cover most of the course tuition for the specialized courses required to complete the BDM degree.
  • Preference will be given to candidates who have completed at least 60 transferable academic credits from a recognized post secondary institution.
  • The scholarship program duration is 2 years  for the Full-Time Program and 4 years for the Part- Time Program; recipients are expected to graduate within that time frame.
  • The percentage to which the annual scholarship will cover actual tuition costs will be on the number of transfer credits with which prospective students will enter the degree program.