What is Advanced Standing (Admission Directly into Year 3) (2+2 program)?

A credit assessment of 60 transfer or PLAR credits will permit Admission Directly into Year 3 of the BDM program (Advanced Standing, or 2+2 program).

In this case, 60 credits have been awarded by transfer credit or PLAR, and only 60 credits remain to be completed at PCU-WHS.

Advanced standing: Courses required after direct entry into year 3 (2+2) program:

All of these are 3-credit courses (20 courses for 60 credits):


WHDM 105     Disability Management & Return to Work

WHDM 106     The Body and Mind at Work

WHDM 107     Workplace Prevention & Health Promotion


WHDM 206     Decision Making & Data Analysis

WHDM 207     Case Analysis & Research Methods

WHDM 215     Human Resources & Organizational Development


WHDM 302     Physical Impairments and Work Retention

WHDM 304     Disability Work & the Law

WHDM 307     Mental Health Conditions & Work Retention

WHDM 308     Case Management: Information Gathering

WHDM 309     Job Analysis, Assessment & Accomm Tech

WHDM 318     Workplace Management and Communication Skills


WHDM 402     Unions & the Workplace

WHDM 404     Economics of Workplace Health Initiatives

WHDM 405     Ethics in the Workplace

WHDM 406     Case Management & Service Coordination II

WHDM 407     Conflict Resolution & Negotiation in the Workplace

WHDM 408     Workplace Insurance and Benefits


WHDM 410a   Final Research Project Proposal


WHDM 412a   Final Practicum Preparation & Sectoral Study


WHDM 410b   Final Research Project


WHDM 412b   Final Practicum