What happens if I cannot take a course that I have enrolled in?

Up to a week before the course start date, you can transfer to another session of the course or another course with the same fee or apply for a refund.  On the Monday, a week before the course start date, you are considered to be in the course and you will lose your course fee, although you can sign up later at your own cost.

However, you are allowed one life-emergency transfer per term, meaning that if you are prevented from participating in a course due to an unpredictable event or situation, PCU-WHS will transfer you to the next module.  You need to contact continuingeducation@pcu-whs.ca  before the final assignment submission date and it would be thoughtful to contact the instructor as well.  If you have already used your life emergency transfer, you may be able to go through a more formal accommodation process, to obtain a transfer at no cost.  This means that you will fill out a request for an accommodation that involves the provision of some documentation.

You can receive a refund if you cancel your course up to a week before the course start date.  However, there will be a $50 administration fee per course, up to a maximum of $750 if a student is withdrawing from several courses at one time. Students who become ill or who experience a significant family or life emergency (the death of an immediate family member, hospitalization of a child or elderly parent, job loss, etc.), may be able to withdraw from a course or program without a deduction after filling out an accommodation request.