What commitments do I need to make?

  • Successful candidates are required to attend the PCU-WHS full-time or part-time online program beginning in September 2022.
  • You are also required to attend an online orientation to the program in advance of the first academic term.
  • You must maintain an academic standing of 3.0 or higher each trimester throughout your studies. If you fail to achieve this, you will be given the following trimester to restore your standing.
  • You must be in a position to register in the full-time or part-time Bachelor of Disability Management (BDM) program beginning in September 2022, and to complete the degree within a 2-year period for the full-time program or 4-year period for the part-time program.
  • To qualify for admission to the full-time WDA Grant Scholarship program, you must not be working full-time.