How will I access courses at PCU-WHS?

All courses at PCU-WHS are offered online by highly qualified faculty with a depth of multidisciplinary experience.

Students require a computer, an Internet connection (high-speed internet is recommended), and Internet browser software to participate in the courses. Ideally, students will have a computer with a sound card and speakers to listen to course videos and audio. All courses require a word processing application such as Microsoft Word. Individual courses may have additional software requirements. Technical assistance is available for all courses.

The online platform provides you with:

  • 24 hour access to course resources and materials.
  • More opportunities to directly communicate with faculty.
  • Constructive interaction with other students.
  • Greater flexibility and convenience in managing your time.
  • Courses are not self-paced, however, timelines for course work are provided.
  • An environment to participate at a time and place best suited to your needs.
  • Additional time to reflect before responding to discussions and other activities.
  • An environment where the independent learner flourishes.