DMHR 580: HR Role in Retaining Workers Experiencing Mental Health Challenges

This course will focus on the role of human resources and disability management professionals in retaining workers with mental health challenges and in optimizing worker capacity in a time of technological, economic, and evolving pandemic-related change. Both a systematic process for the retention and reintegration of workers experiencing negative mental health conditions and the policies, procedures, and processes designed to create a psychologically safe work environment will be explored. Issues arising from disclosure and stigma as well as barriers and facilitators to return to work will be examined. The ongoing development of evidence-based tools to enhance practice decision-making will be considered. The intent is to assist HRM professionals in working with stakeholders to support overall workplace health and a steady recovery for the workers with disabilities with a mental health component.

(If you have previously completed DMCS 780 – Strategies to Retain Workers Experiencing Mental Health Challenges within the last three years, you may be eligible for an exemption that can be used as part of the HR certificate upon presentation of an original transcript.)