DMHR 570: Managing Change from an HR and DM Perspective

Human resources practitioners have commonly been involved in change management processes when economic factors and technological advances have impacted areas such as worker recruitment and retention. Increasingly, workplace health programs such as disability management, occupational health and safety, and health and wellness promotion that support the capacity of employees to make a contribution in the workplace are receiving attention. The ability to manage change in these areas has become more important.

This course will explore how theories of change are applied in the workplace, both in terms of organizational change and personal change, with a specific focus on disability management. The topics covered include the steps involved in most change management models, strategies for overcoming resistance to change and other barriers to change, the role of change agents, effective communication, and processes for evaluating whether a change was successful.

(If you have previously completed DMCCS – Managing Change within the last three years, you may be eligible for an exemption that can be used as part of the HR certificate upon presentation of an original transcript.)