DMHR 565: Legislation & Disability Management for HR Practitioners

Many workplace policies have a foundation in legislation and regulation including occupational health and safety requirements, minimum standards of employment, designated work holidays, equity, accessibility, and work retention and reintegration after injury or illness. Human resources managers draw on their knowledge of federal and provincial laws, and in some cases. international obligations in developing policies and procedures.

This course provides an overview of legislation that impacts the workplace response to disability and reviews relevant legislation and how it is applied, including the duty to accommodate workers with disabilities. Also addressed is the HR role in communicating legal obligations to workers, supervisors, unions, and other stakeholders; and generally contributing to organizational practices that ensure the workplace is in compliance with legislation. Frequently

HR practitioners are involved in determining the requisite components of an accommodation when individual workers need a plan for returning to work.

(If you have previously completed DMCCI – Legislation and Disability Management within the last three years, you may be eligible for an exemption that can be used as part of the HR certificate upon presentation of an original transcript.)