DMHR 560: Introduction to Evidence-based Decision Making (EBDM)

Human resources management, which includes a role in the workplace health areas of disability management, occupational health and safety, and health promotion, has a more strategic approach today in focussing on the needs and priorities of the organization. This shift demands that HR managers understand the broader business and organizational contexts of employment and work activity, and collaboratively devise solutions to address related challenges. Critical to this is the capacity for effective decision-making rooted in credible evidence.

This course outlines the process of evidence-based decision-making (EBDM) and its merits, particularly within the context of disability. Participants will work through a straightforward model for implementing EBDM. The course includes strategies to identify both internal and external data sources that provide credible evidence, and in some cases to develop reliable data when a novel or unexpected problem arises. Students will find out how to recognize and surmount common barriers to EBDM within an organization.