DMCS 785 – Capstone Course – Effective Workplace Responses to Mental Health

Prerequisite: To enroll in this course, one must have completed: DMCS 750, DMCS 755, DMCS 750, DMCS 765, DMCS 770, DMCS 775, and DMCS 780.

This specialized Certificate Program in Effective Workplace Responses to Mental Health involves explorations of key dimensions of skill awareness and development. While the need for leadership and innovation by workplace leaders in this area has always been integral to workplace wellness, the current realities of the COVID-19 pandemic, substance use escalation and marked societal increases in mental illness, underscore the related responsibilities. The Capstone Course is designed to assist participants in building foundations for the guidance of the educational activities of individuals and teams. Awareness of the overarching concepts of knowledge translation and knowledge to action will be addressed. The Capstone Course also provides an opportunity to complete an in-depth exploration of a related area of interest. With faculty guidance, research and preparation of a strategic knowledge transfer plan will be completed. Practice in supporting and justifying research processes and viewpoints will also be inherent within the activities.

This course has been endorsed for 22 continuing education credit hours for CDMPs and CRTWCs.