DMCS 775 – Substance Recreation Use, Misuse and Addictions in Workplace Health

(If you have previously completed DMCS 512 – Substance Recreational Use, Misuse and Addictions: A Disability Management Perspective within the last three years, you can receive an Exemption for this course upon presentation of an original transcript.)

This course provides an overview of substance use and addiction and its effects on the employability of workers and the productivity of the workforce. It covers the concept of substance recreational use, substance misuse and substance addictions; incidence rates; types of addictions; the challenge of comorbidity; treatment approaches and impacts; and the strategies that can be used in terms of prevention, job retention and return to work. The course overviews, from the perspective of the individual responsible for disability management, the strategies, interventions and supports that can assist employers to establish workplace prevention and promotion programs and assist at-risk workers to access appropriate treatment and to remain at work or reintegrate into the workplace.