DMCS 760 – Mental Health Conditions and Return to Work

This course provides a broad overview of mental health conditions in relation to workers. While individuals responsible for disability management will gain awareness of specific mental health conditions through their practice, overall concepts in the fields of psychiatry and mental health are examined as a whole. Conditions commonly seen in the work environment are highlighted, with a more intensive look at depression. This course begins with some background on classifications of various common mental health conditions experienced by workers and key considerations for the practitioner involved. Common cognitive, physical, behavioural, and emotional symptoms often related to mental health conditions are examined. The concept of resiliency is addressed, including its variability. A focus on understanding the functional challenges of workers is intertwined with the challenges of worker disclosure, invisible disabilities, and the provision of appropriate supports. The role of the individual responsible for disability management in identifying workers at risk and responding effectively is addressed. The need for attention to workplace strengths and barriers is highlighted.