DMCS 755 – Mental Health Communication and Return to Work

This course provides an opportunity to focus on the communication skills that are key to effective practice. Throughout the course, there is a focus on both skill-building and self-awareness in terms of related skills. Individuals responsible for disability management must build and maintain relationships with managers, supervisors, labour representatives, workers with disabilities, treatment providers and others. Superior communication skills are required to establish these relationships and to coordinate disability management interventions. The helping and problem-solving skills that are covered in this course are not designed to prepare those responsible for disability management to help workers deal with serious, long-term psychological issues that may have predated an injury or illness, nor are they adequate to assist someone who has become significantly depressed as the result of a disabling condition. Rather, the course is designed to building awareness of how and when a disability management practitioner can provide direct assistance to a worker experiencing mental health challenges and when referral to a specific resource is addressed.