DMCS 730 Discussing Mental Health with Stakeholders

The circumstances within the workplace that can enhance or reduce mental health and wellness—the organizational context—are the focus of this module. To be effective, workplace strategies need to address mental health in an integrated manner, including initiatives aimed at prevention, health promotion and remain at/return to work.

The first section of this module describes the context and influences that need to be taken into account in discussions about mental health and mental illness with stakeholders. It describes the main workplace stakeholders addressed in the module; addresses the distinction between mental health and mental illness; briefly describes the meaning of common mental health disorders (CMDs); explores the mental health impact of Covid-19; and overviews electronic and mobile mental health tools. The second section provides an overview of an integrated approach to workplace mental health and covers the business case for more effective workplace mental health programs; the cost of presenteeism and the benefits of self-disclosure; and the components of an integrated approach to workplace mental health including workplace strategies to protect psychological health and safety, creating mental health promoting organizations, and addressing the accommodation needs of workers experiencing mental distress or illness.