DMCS 720 Discussing Mental Health with Workers

Addressing the sensitive issues of mental health or mental illness with an individual worker who is believed to be at risk of, or experiencing, mental distress can be challenging for DM professionals.

The primary purposes of this module are to describe first, how best to raise a concern about mental health with a worker who may not have considered that they may face challenges in this regard and, secondly, how to respond to a worker who approaches you with mental health concerns. In any conversation about mental health the way in which the topic is raised and how the conversation is completed are just as important as the key messages that need to be communicated about mental health and wellness.

This module covers three core areas: key messages and themes that must inform discussions with a worker related to mental health and illness, brief descriptions of mental health disorders that are most likely to emerge in work or return to work, and approaches that can create an open space for a worker to explain their perceptions about the challenges they face.

Resources that can be signposted by the DM professional to assist workers in exploring their mental health challenges and personal recovery and coping are reviewed.