DMCS 675 Effective workplace responses to an aging workforce

The workforce in many countries is aging. People are living longer and birthrates are decreasing in many developed nations—and when fewer younger workers are moving into the labor market, helping older workers to remain productive and stay in jobs becomes more important. Many older workers prefer to stay in employment because they need the income and because they are able to maintain a sense of purpose. Further many government policies tend to support this including policies related to retirement age and retirement income. There are many ways of characterizing who is an older worker, although most research defines this group as people who are 55 years of age and over.

This module will explore the benefits to retaining older workers and the challenges; push and pull factors related to whether older workers stay at work; the concept of work ability as it applies to older workers; strategies related to the work environment, job design and other supports for older workers; and barriers and facilitators of return to work and remain at work.