DMCS 660 Cancer and worker support

The purpose of this module is to explore the steps that can be taken to assist and retain workers who have been diagnosed with cancer and who, during the course of their treatment, must deal with challenges including treatment effects such as fatigue and pain, anxiety about the future and financial losses and costs. Individuals may wish to continue working during some of their treatment or may need to take time away from work.

The module covers topics including information on cancer in general and why it is approached as a chronic and episodic illness. The benefits and challenges related to retaining workers who are dealing with cancer are examined, and the biopsychosocial impacts on individual workers who are dealing with cancer. Participants will consider how disability management plans address the interplay among a range of factors related to the type and stage of cancer, individual characteristics and situations, and the current job in which the person is engaged and their workplace. They will also identify appropriate job accommodations for workers who are dealing with cancer.