DMCS 655 Dealing with back disorders in the workplace

Worldwide, back pain is the most common cause of activity limitations and absences from work. Back injuries are complex and can be difficult to diagnose because the etiology or causes of back pain can lie in muscle, bone and joint and nervous systems; arise as a result of unrelated health conditions such as cancer; result from work, home and leisure activity; and be compounded by mental health issues such as stress and anxiety. In the workplace back injuries affect the physical and emotional wellbeing of workers leading to lowered productivity and lost time.

This module will examine the incidence and causes; job-related factors that might contribute to back pain; approaches that have been successful in treatment and rehabilitation; a multi-faceted approach to work ability and maintain people in jobs; the development and implementation of return to work and remain at work plans for worker with back pain; appropriate job accommodations; and the role of wellness and OH&S programs as an adjunct to disability management programs.