Can my previous courses or experiences count for credit towards specialized courses of my BDM degree following admission (additional transfer credit and Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) credit)

 After you have been admitted to the BDM program, you may apply for transfer credit for specialized BDM courses based on previous academic courses you have already taken. No fee is charged for transfer credit assessments. You may be required to provide course outlines for those courses for which you wish to obtain transfer credit. Transfer credit will only be granted when your previous course(s) are considered equivalent to the specialized BDM course.

PLAR credit may also be obtained for specialized BDM courses. This process entails creation of a portfolio of evidence as to how your previous learning (through credit and non-credit courses, on-the-job training, and work experience) has met the objectives of the specialized BDM course. The process is guided by our PLAR Coordinator. A fee of 50% of tuition for the BDM course is charged.