Thomas Kohstall

Thomas Kohstall is Deputy Director the Institute for Work and Health (IAG) of the German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV) and Head of the “Qualification” department in the Institute. He is a mechanical and industrial engineer by training with degrees from the University of Paderborn and a Doctorate from the University of Bremen with a thesis on integrated management systems for small and medium-sized companies with special consideration of the safety and health of employees. He has specialist training in occupational safety, DGQ quality management, and DGQ auditing. Since 1994 he has engaged in various teaching positions at universities and colleges as well as DGUV in Germany on safety and health at work as well as on quality management and occupational safety management. He has been a senior researcher on two projects of international significance: “Quality of Prevention” – Evaluation of the prevention services of statutory accident insurance, and “Return on Prevention” – Profitability and occupational safety and health.