Brendan Sweeney

Brendan Sweeney, PhD, brings over ten years of experience teaching and researching labour relations in Canada and the US, with a particular emphasis on the manufacturing, resource extraction, and education sectors. He currently works as the Project Manager of the Automotive Policy Research Centre and teaches in the School of Labour Studies at McMaster University. In addition, he has experience working and teaching at Queen’s University, the University of Washington, and the University of Manitoba. He has a PhD in Economic Geography from Queen’s University. His research is published widely in Canadian and international journals, and he has received several awards, including a Fulbright Fellowship, a Labor and Employment Relations’ Association 2012 Best Paper Award, a nomination for the University of Manitoba Teaching Excellence Award, and the Canadian Association of Geographers’ 2010 New Scholar Award for Excellence in Publication. He also has extensive experience as a high-performance athlete and coach. In addition to a distinguished collegiate lacrosse career, he has coached men’s and women’s lacrosse at McMaster, Queen’s (earning the 2005 OUA Coach of the Year Award), and the University of Washington.