CPHR Nova Scotia and PCU-WHS Sign Agreement

Pacific Coast University for Workplace Health Sciences (PCU-WHS) is very pleased to announce the signing of an Agreement with the Chartered Professionals in Human Resources Nova Scotia (CPHR Nova Scotia). The Agreement provides their members with CPD pre-approval of the 25 courses in the online Disability Management Practitioner Program.

The roots of CPHR Nova Scotia date back to 1945 when a small group of personnel practitioners sought a better way to network, and throughout the years since those early days, CPHR Nova Scotia has been providing vision and leadership to the human resources profession. CPHR Nova Scotia is the exclusive granting body of the CPHR designation in Nova Scotia.

CPHR Nova Scotia is committed to the promotion of sound principles and best practices in the human resources profession and to workplace excellence. It is with this in mind that CPHR Nova Scotia signed the Agreement which provides their members with a preferred pricing registration rate to any or all of the 25 topic areas covered in the Disability Management Practitioner Program – all of which are relevant to the HR profession and fit with the CPHR competency framework, especially those whose responsibilities include return to work. CPHR Nova Scotia is a founding member of CPHR Canada.

PCU-WHS has offered courses online since 2014, with highly experienced faculty from across Canada and around the world. It has the knowledge and experience to deliver courses using an online learning management system and technologies that enable students to complete their course work at a time and place most convenient for them, and to schedule the number of courses that works best for them.

With a significant restructuring of many aspects of our economy, like the rapidly increasing ‘gig’ aspects of our working lives, HR professionals must respond to these ever changing circumstances by driving an innovation, collaboration and thought leadership agenda. But few, if any challenges facing the HR professional are, most often, as complex and difficult as those brought about by an individual being confronted with the onset of a significant mental or physical health impairment which not only affects the individual’s personal health but often also has far-reaching financial, family and career impacts.

The HR professional’s knowledgeable and committed front line engagement in many of these instances can often mean the difference between a successful win-win socio-economic outcome for all parties, or the potential for lasting conflict between the parties, and many times unemployment, poverty or worse for the individual affected. Experience from across Canada and around the world has clearly demonstrated that the level of knowledge, skills and competence on the part of the HR professional can have a significant impact on the successful resolution of such challenging circumstances.

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