Appointment to PCU-WHS Board of Governors

The Pacific Coast University for Workplace Health Sciences (PCU-WHS) is pleased to announce the appointment to its Board of Governors of Rod Cook, Vice President Workplace Health and Safety Services, Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB). Please see announcement attached.

Rod brings decades of leadership and expertise in key areas such as strategy, human resources management, and health and safety, and he is especially passionate about shining a spotlight on the transformative role healthy workplace culture plays in both business and personal success. “In my experience, a healthy workplace culture is critical to business success,” he said. “A culture of health and safety contributes to improved individual and organizational outcomes. Customers and employees want to be confident in an organization’s health and safety practices. Going forward, this will be a top priority for every organization.”

“With increasing evidence of organizations moving towards an integrated workplace health approach, which seeks to leverage a combined OSH/Disability Management strategy for improved outcomes and the upskilling of HR professionals to be better equipped to handle mental and physical health impairment challenges, Rod’s background is ideally suited in supporting our offers in this regard,” said PCU-WHS President Wolfgang Zimmermann.

Co-Chairs of PCU-WHS, Ken Neumann and Dean Winsor said, “In light of our long-term and valuable relationship with the WSIB, we are very pleased that Rod has agreed to join our governance team as we continue to drive our innovation, thought leadership and best practice agenda in all aspects of the workplace health spectrum…and we very much look forward to Rod’s experience and enthusiasm in support of our collective efforts.”

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