DMCS 610: Cancer and Worker Support

This module provides an in-depth exploration of disability management as it relates to cancer, a health condition that is both chronic and episodic.  The goal is to provide specific information and direction for the disability management professional who is supporting a worker dealing with cancer and a thorough best practices in return to work.  Module topics include the following:

  • What is cancer —definition and overview
  • Common types of cancer and prevalence
  • Symptoms, effects, and treatments
  • Impact on the individual with the condition
  • Considerations related to job accommodation and the worker
  • Supporting the worker
    • Communicating with the worker
    • Interactions with supervisors/managers and co-workers
    • Interactions with physicians and health care providers
    • Considerations related to benefit provision.

* Please note that if this course does not have sufficient registrations it will be postponed to a later date.