DMCS 620 – Pain and Workplace Support

The purpose of this module is to provide professionals with disability management and workplace health responsibilities with an understanding of the causes and experience of pain and with some tools to support workers who are dealing with pain. On successful completion of the module, participants will be able to explain the process through which pain is experienced; describe the types and causes of pain; explain the impact of pain on workers and the workplace; describe common treatments for pain; identify methods for supporting workers with pain both at the organizational and individual level; describe a biopsychosocial approach to return to work for workers whose disability involves pain, as well as remain at work initiatives for workers who remain in their jobs but who are experiencing pain; and identify work accommodations for workers with pain. This module has been endorsed for Certified Disability Management Professional (CDMP) and Certified Return to Work Coordinator (CRTWC) professional development. The number of continuing education credit hours that can be claimed for this module is 12 hours.


* Please note that if this course does not have sufficient registrations it will be postponed to a later date.