DMCS 605: Chronic and Episodic Health Conditions at Work

This module explores chronic and episodic health conditions and the role of the disability management professional in assisting workers who are dealing with such conditions.  The module provides an overview of common chronic and episodic health conditions illustrated with practical examples that explore typical challenges and best practices. Module topics include the following:

  • What are chronic and episodic disabilities—characteristics, definitions,
  • What are common impacts on work responsibilities
  • Disability management with episodic and chronic conditions as a bio-psycho-social process
  • Workplace accommodation process
  • Supporting the worker:
    • Working with the individual—issues related to communication, disclosure and privacy
    • Working with service providers and insurers
    • Working with other staff members including managers/supervisors and co-workers
    • Working with physicians.

* Please note that if this course does not have sufficient registrations it will be postponed to a later date.