Program Overview of the BDM

Year One
WHDM 102:Workplace & Workplace Health Sciences3
WHDM 103:The Body at Work 3
WHDM 104:The Mind at Work 3
WHDM 201:Introduction to Disability Management1.5
WHDM 202:Introduction to Health & Safety1.5
WHDM 204:Introduction to Human Resources1.5
WHDM 205: Introduction to Workplace Wellness Programs1.5
ERDM 101:100+ Level Humanities / Social Science Elective3
ERDM 102:100+ Level Business Elective3
ERDM 103:100+ Level Health Science Elective3
EDDM 101:100+ Level Discretionary Elective3
EDDM 102:100+ Level Discretionary Elective3
Total Credits:30
Year Two
WHDM 203:Disability & Society3
WHDM 206 (310):Decision Making & Data Analysis3
WHDM 207 (311): Case Analysis & Research Methods3
WHDM 209:Organizational Change & Development3
ERDM 201:
WHDM 103:
100+ Level Humanities / Social Science or;
The Body at Work
ERDM 202:
WHDM 211:
WHDM 104:
100+ Level Business or;
Independent Study in a Work Disability Issue or;
The Mind Work
ERDM 301:
WHDM 102:
200+ Level Health Science or;
Workplace & Workplace Health Science
EDDM 201:
WHDM 212:
100+ Level Discretionary Elective or;
Introduction to Professional Ethics
EDDM 301:
WHDM 211:
100+ Level Discretionary Elective ,strong>or;
Independent Study in Work Disability Issue
EDDM 302:
WHDM 214:
100+ Level Discretionary Elective or;
Practicum Preparation & Proposal
Total Credits30
Year Three
WHDM 301:Communication in the Workplace3
WHDM 302: Physical Impairments and Work Retention3
WHDM 303:Introduction to Vocational Rehabilitation1.5
WHDM 304:Disability, Work & the Law3
WHDM 305:Interviewing Skills for Helping Professionals1.5
WHDM 307: Mental Health Conditions & Work Retention3
WHDM 309:Job Analysis, Assessment Reports & Accommodation Technology3
WHDM 312:Management Skills for Workplace Health Sciences3
EDDM 303:

100+ Discretionary Elective 3
EDDM 304:
WHDM 306
100+ Discretionary Elective or;
Applied Research
EDDM 401:
WHDM 313:
WHDM 314:
200+ Discretionary Elective or;
The Field & Practice of Disability Management or
Total Credits30
Year Four
WHDM 401:Ergonomics3
WHDM 402:Unions & The Workplace3
WHDM 403:Case Management & Service Coordination Part 11.5
WHDM 404:Economics of Workplace Health Initiatives3
WHDM 405:Ethics in Disability Management3
WHDM 406:Case Management & Service Coordination Part 23
WHDM 407:Conflict Resolution & Negotiation in the Workplace3
WHDM 408:Workplace Insurance & Benefits3
WHDM 409: The Changing Nature of Work1.5
WHDM 410a:
WHDM 412a:
Final Project or;
Practicum Preparation and Sectoral Study
WHDM 410b:
WHDM 412b:
Final Project or
Final Practicum
Total Credits30