Bachelor of Disability Management (BDM)

Students are required to take 42 elective credits over the course of the degree. Students must earn 18 elective credits in a number of specified academic subjects which provide essential underpinning knowledge for the degree. These are referred to as required electives. In addition, students must earn 24 discretionary elective credits in other subject areas which they are free to choose on the basis of their personal interests. The purpose of these electives is to provide students with the breadth that they may need as they advance in their careers and to allow them to fully participate in society in terms of citizenship, use of leisure time, and development of an understanding of their place in an increasingly inter-related world. An expectation is that students may use previously earned credits from one and two year college programs or other university-level credit programs to fill the requirements for electives.

To access information regarding requesting Transfer and Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition credits, please click here.

The following electives are specified:

Year Required Electives Discretionary Electives
1 Humanities / Social Science (3 credits)
Business (3 credits)
Health Sciences (3 credits)
At 100 level or higher
 12 Credits at 100 level or higher
2 Humanities / Social Science (3 Credits)
Business (3 Credits)
Health Science (3 Credits)
At the 100 level or higher.
 9 Credits at 100 level or higher
3    3 Credits at 200 level or higher